Fluidos de interatividade com as mudanças dos novos tempos. Quem comunica a vida o faz com a eternidade.


Fluids of interactivity with the changes of the new times. Whoever communicates life does so with eternity.

The campaign was created based on the capital market. Well, capital markets! Why was the capital market the basis? Where least you would expect!
My mistake, my professional life started by buying and selling shares. I also learned to drink beer with the leaders of the Gruta Metrópole. Many people have seen me tell stories of sorts, chances and insights. That is why I created the sensorial media from the Homem Marketing Project (year 2000) and the Times of Debugging of Truths Campaign (2008), it really was time for a civilized reaction. This time, we are stronger, many people know our work. Whoever lied doesn’t lie anymore! Are the truths out there really true? We’ll see!
At the end of the day, gentlemen and ladies, friends, what many or some of you may not even know:
• How did a market analyst end up as an activist?
• How did a market analyst end up as an activist in the fight against banditry embedded in the bowels of the powers that dominate the management of several countries?
• This process of elucidation takes time to start, but after departure, no longer, we are no longer alone:


This article is divided into three, understandings, the first one carries a certain dose of market romanticism that we put here in this post. The second deals with the time when the world lost its compasses due to the Mortgage Crisis and the third predominates the fact that we have never had a genuinely Brazilian press. And the Debt Times Campaign was created to put the “drops on the iis” to have a more real feeling about the combination of these three understandings.
Put one thing on your mind, the market is the exact place where the virtues and the rotten ones clash and cook, precisely, when they “come and go” (in / from) the backstage and are clarified or elucidated or silent forever. Damned pressure. Whoever goes through the sieve of the market “takes ten for life”. Very different from the virtues created in the studios of the media supermarket managed by the communist press.
So, knowing about the market sieve is the first step in the process for a broader understanding of the needs of debugging lies and the different types of truths that are part of everyday business. A crossfire worse than Star Wars. Too much pressure from people and information all the time. A case has barely arrived and they already want to know the result. Eating a live alligator is normal, you just have to be careful with the bites. In other words, there is much to be deciphered both at the root of the ephemeral and fleeting as well as in the animal process that springs from the logic of creation, which may or may not be a virtuous and lasting good for society.
Not everything serves as a “feeling” and the deductions are not always complete, you have to have a certain art to see in the dark of dishonesty, breathe in the vacuum of uncertainty and take advantage of the void. Imagine when inflation was around 40.0% per month. That is why the analyst has to know how to reconcile tensions of all kinds, a true equilibrist. People are kind and inventive. As is always said, often in the middle of the garbage there is a valuable pearl, be it material or immaterial. And often in the middle of the pearls only the false ones stand out. Human ingenuity is a universal marvel.
No one goes through the backroom tests unscathed!
So, debugging the positive or negative facts is a pure exercise of sifting and continuous search for the veracity of ratifications and rectifications, including the findings, verifications of corrections, and tests of correctness, inaccuracies, origins and terminations. Only you have to get up and check if the dead breathe. It is not enough to look and say that you are dead. It means that the lies also need to be elucidated, and no fringe of them can fly beyond the graphics. If evil has a cradle, that’s where we have to find it.
To understand my crazy story in particular in this tangle of events, we have to go back to the 80s and 90s. What kind of participation did I have to be the protagonist of all these ideas and writings on this blog?
The idea of ​​the prevalence of your “integrity of honor” must be your most precious asset. If you search this blog for the links “our values” and “our books” (https://midiaticosensorial.com/nossos-livros-convite-as-editoras/), you will find that the title of Book 8 is, “the limits of a healthy and smart mind ”, that is, precisely on the razor’s edge where the guy may or may not become a bandit. It is often where you earn your living that you “learn or learn” without wanting to start a career in misconduct.
Have you ever sought to know who your boss really is? And if you discover that it belongs to the “system”, what would you do? Do you know of any cases where the employee sent the boss away? Do not dilute and do not be disturbed, only then will integrity be lit. Let’s move on.



Everyone knows that the capital market environment is very charming, refined, competitive and demanding. Typical for risk lovers. Generally well-informed, most of them are generalists or specialists in generalities who enjoy the globalizing means of understanding life. Both by investors and analysts and market professionals (Floating roots, many know my writings).
All darn people of the best quality! And I happened to happen by chance and because I like the environment, I became a participant in a restricted group of these experienced analysts whose main purpose was to earn money honestly by touching the charts. Risk lovers are just a way for the press to make charms for the kids. In reality, only those who really understand and avoid them with humility and without embarrassment are avoided risks, in this environment, only the brave and fans lose.
At the tip of the nose of the obvious, this aura of charm and elegance is just a synthesis of how similars betray and attract each other. Only the aspect is Cartesian. Quite different from electrical energy, which are the opposite (+) and (-) that produce the strength and real work, and where the languages ​​for computer programming came from. Useful thing! Well, in my case, the class relationships were based on equal or almost equal, along with the powers of the lap and money. What the hell is that? The useless ones, (KKKK)! People with a lot of money and a made life. Time to think and come up with the “moves” on the stock exchanges.
In the frigir of intents, this is where I enter. Many losers and claimants began to meet almost daily, I think there were six or seven in 1975. Then, the number fixed at 17 (seventeen), and it was a long time in that, the entry of strangers to work and in the spaces of the services. Within the 17, most were linked to brokers as customers and practitioners, but had three owners or direct bank representatives. The thing was heavy, but the sieve was honest. But giving up here and there, between 1995 and 2007, the number had grown to 54. Then it became a mess. Many analyzes, or “secrets between us” started to be published in the press. The guys thought they had discovered Brazil.


The great feat in this “wise and half-bad life in a good way” was to know how to avoid the press and maintain a secure network of sworn relationships:
Until today, the press are looking for us. The freaks ditched themselves! In fact, our class never really ended, many died not of old age the old fashioned way, but amused by having become an angel or becoming invisible to the eyes of marketers who only think about appearing and making media with the enjoyment of others. If left, they create a fictitious atmosphere surrounded by opinions, “true” grafted with “blah, blah, blah” and resulting zero. It was because of this endless deception of the communists that Brazil continues to shoot itself in the foot and importing the opinion of others. What has value here is only what comes from outside! The province does not come out of the blood of our royalty. To have an idea of ​​this, the thing is old, Villa-Lobos to be accepted in Brazil, needed to be known abroad.


When social networks started here in Brazil, many of them, present and trained, avoided writing the word “bandit” or citing “hell” in the middle of their “efes-e-erres” (fidelité & realité). Everyone remained between preserving the pleasures of his abundant life or defending the needy of the mind’s food. So, they opted for the elaborate writing of “don’t touch me”, tearing silks in perfumes, but they went around so many times that they ended up saying nothing. ‘Date‘ venom ’in the‘ bad language ’! It turned out that Lula was not arrested for leading the Mensalão. He left us the marolinhas!


If I am 71 years old and I was one of the youngest in the backstage class, now, you can imagine how old the older ones who were part of that intense exchange of diverse learning were. Many have already died and I will pay homage when I finish this writing. I miss the guys! Even playing shuttlecock in Minas or chatting at Petisqueira Munhoz in Bairro Santo Antônio / BH. In addition, Bar do Lopes, Gruta Metrópole, Bar do Minas 1 and several from Mercado Central, Chico do Churrasco, Cory and Bracarense in Rio de Janeiro. The thing was more eclectic, “Tip-Top”, Izidro, Bar do Vale, Nonô do caldo de mocotó, Cantina do Lucas, and other airs, bars and altars that ennoble life.
The Maria Sorriso Bar on Rua do Ouro was mine. A kind of consulate in the city of Diamantina, frequented by the poets, Adão Ventura, Pelegrino, Murilo Rubião, journalists, Leonel da Mata (violeiro) and Tânia Moreira da Rádio Itatiaia, Wagner Seixas, Son Salvador (cartoonist), Faísca (Geraldo de Oliveira Simões) and Meira from the State of Minas, and also the writer José Bento Teixeira de Salles (Passenger of Time / Academia Mineira de Letras), Paulo Campos Guimarães, Rondon Pacheco, musicians, Boanerges Meira and Fabiano Pimenta who made many serenades for Juscelino Kubitschek (the best republic president we’ve had).
At the end of the day, after the PC, personal computer, appeared in 1981, email gained strength despite having been invented in 1965. Then, I was in charge of writing the reviews or a summary of everything that was discussed at the stock meetings, companies, markets, finance and domestic and foreign economies. Everything written down, from the jokes, to the events related to the beers, and also those directly linked to the stock exchanges. Then, without pomp, my career as a scribe of the traditions and contradictions of the stock exchanges began. Simple, it summarized everything as if it were an audit report. It was even fun! With a summarized email a day, I told the story of the world. Hence, even being a blogger, it was a leap. A pity that the first blog of Coluna Editorial Prontananalisis was stolen inside Google Blogger, it was so serious that I had to go to court in 2013.
Political and internal and external issues that generated the facts that affected or improved the performance of the charts were also given “special attention”. The stock exchange does not produce facts, but rather adds to them or flees. When thinking about producing facts, it is because there is a bull on the line. There are those who say that the stock exchanges of Brazil have already served as an electoral cord for a very bad political service. With the policy, there is little care because it is directly related to the health of the brains that have been governing the country, our bad management is directly related to our backwardness, fears and business fears.
What is certain is that the clashes between the sold and bought, graphic artists and fundamentalists were a separate show that told the stories of the games and played in the fullest realizations of the trading sessions. Nowadays, that kind of romanticism is over. A feather! Robots do everything. Well done, classes like the one I was part of will never appear again. Here’s revenge!
It was good to watch the work of the Banco Garantia group (blessed trio, Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Beto Sicupira) getting involved in the daily activities of the stock exchanges. This constant observation led me to undo the technological charms of the good guys, since the Brazilian stock exchange was not alone. She just knew how to keep up with the American market. The first to decipher is the king of the situation. So I became an annoying connoisseur of the United States stock exchanges.
Then, at the end of the day, the conversations became a study. Then, almost unintentionally, I became an analyst of the capital market, only that my analyzes did not reach the pure in heart, they were restricted to “old whores”. Any mistake, the stick ate! Then, my life became a constant pursuit of technologies, I became a slave to new facts and addicted to different readings. Of course, during my life, I took several courses and learned to keep professional secrets, first because I am an auditor and then because the subject of reviews could not be published in the press. The day the class left was over.
Things got much worse when the Freemasons began to think they had a right to ask difficult questions to answer. That’s when I happened to be discovered, of course, I started to charge for the written words. The spoken words were for that very reason.
Everyone knows that Chacattis Tadadota is an almost poet for writing and telling stories, but I am purely a poor guy. If black doesn’t have white, nothing comes out.

Everyone remembers my cries in 2009 when I had to complain live about the tensions experienced by the market analyst. At that time, I edited a post with the following title, “the market analyst is above all a conciliator of tensions; I stole the title and here the consumption. I have to find where the post is. After Google stole my first Prontoanalysis blog, I have to find out where the inherent “print-screens” are. For everything I do on the Internet, I take a photograph of the screen.


• ♦ February 2, 2020 ♦ TIME OF DEPURATION OF TRUTHS https://midiaticosensorial.com/2020/02/02/campanha-tempos-de-depuracao-re-explosao-da-bolha-intelectual-e-reformas-dos -business-systems /


Developed democracies always have schools and prisons.
We prefer to have a constant enemy than an absent friend.
Simplicity is never alone.
Work harder, do more and allow others to do.
Where the wind turns, you find the hands that think and the feet that see.
Let’s rock the world of ready-made things.
The previous comments are our mainstays.
Chacattis Tadadota
To be continued

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